Pistole Arex REX zero 1 T (Tactical), Kaliber 9x19mm, schwarz

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Die REX zero 1 ist eine klassische Pistole aus Slowenien. Arex hat viele Verbesserungen gegenüber einigen der beliebtesten Designs gemacht, ihre Schwächen beseitigt und ihre Vorteile einfliessen lassen. Das Ergebnis ist eine hervorragende Pistole, mit extremer Zuverlässigkeit und Genauigkeit zu einem konkurrenzfähigen Preis.


Wyssen Defence AG ist Generalimporteur für die Schweiz.


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Griffstück: Aluminium Hart eloxiert
Schlitten: schwarz
Visierung: High profil, stahl mit 3 weissen Punkten vorbereitet für Optik
Magazin: 20 Schuss
Länge: 205 mm
Höhe: 150 mm
Breite: 35 mm
Lauflänge: 125 mm mit Gewinde M13.5x1LH
Gewicht: 855 g

(Lieferung ohne Optik!)


REX zero 1 pistol has several independent safety features that guarantee safe operation under most unfavourable circumstances. The Firing Pin Safety catch acts as a main drop safety catch which is disengaged only when the trigger is fully depressed. The hammer can be lowered safely by a dual-purpose lever located on the left side of the frame in front of the ambidextrous manual safety catch. The safety catch can be engaged with the hammer in either a cocked or decocked position. When put on “safe” it disconnects the trigger bar from the sear. The safety catch can be intuitively disengaged with the thumb in a down-sweeping motion. A loaded chamber indicator both visually and tactilely declares the presence of a round in the chamber.


REX zero 1 semi-automatic pistol operates on the modified Browning short recoil principle with the enlarged back portion of the barrel locking into the slide’s ejection port (the 7.65 mm model is blowback operated). Pushing down on the dual-purpose slide stop/decocker will first release the slide (if locked to the back) and then safely lower the hammer. The firing mechanism with exposed hammer operates is classical single and double action modes with the hammer remaining cocked after each cycling of the slide. The single action trigger breaks crisply at 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs) and resets with a short travel of 3 mm. the smooth and long double action 6 kg (13 lbs) trigger pull is engineered with safety in mind. The magazine is released with an ambidextrous button at the base of the trigger guard.


All key components: the slide, the frame as well as the barrel are made from solid bar stock. The slide is machined from chromolly steel and light but though 7075 aircraft aluminum alloy is used for the frame. The heart of the pistol is a precision machined barrel, cold hammer-forged from one piece of chromolly steel. The slide and barrel undergo a proprietary nitro carburizing surface protection process that provides high surface hardness and extreme corrosion resistance for extended use or storage in hostile environments. Hard anodizing is used on the aluminum frame for its abrasion resistance. The barrel unlocking block with an angular ramp is also a solid steel piece inserted in the frame.


The entire design process was performance driven and oriented towards long-term durability. The materials and technologically advanced manufacturing process will ensure cost effectiveness and an extremely long life cycle. An internal extractor was chosen since it allows for a closed slide design and renders the same or better reliability with fewer parts. The long dustcover adds to the rigidity of construction and incorporates full-length slide guides and an extended accessory interface (MIL-STD-1913). The large trigger guard was conceived for use with various gloves. The iron sights with contrasting white dots enable quick target acquisition. The pistol can be safety disassembled without any tools – the slide must be fully retracted and no trigger pull is necessary.


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