Taylor Freelance Goliath Glock plus 20 Magazinverlängerung Schwarz

CHF 95.00

Wield 51+1 rounds from your Glock pistol-caliber carbine! Unprecedented strength: rigid design absorbs abuse and hard knocks.  Quick-release base allows for easy cleaning (without taking the mag apart) „Sword-like“ grip provides positive control when inserting — you won’t slip in a critical moment! Includes custom super-length spring.

Because of a combination of factors, Taylor Freelance build their basepads slightly „short“ for best reliability. As a result, they will run properly with ammunition loaded to 1.125″ overall or less. That’s a typical length for 115- and 124-grain loads, but some (notably, Winchester 115 RN) will go out all the way to 1.160″.  HINT: If your extension will take 35 rounds and then becomes unreliable (or sticks), check the length of your ammunition!

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Inkl. Spezialmagazinfeder

Es wird empfohlen Original Glock 31 oder 33 Schuss Magazine zu benutzen

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